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Exterior Painting

Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey & Surrounding Areas

What a transformation! This home in Pres

Our Processes

Why Choose Us For Your Exterior Painting Project In 
Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey or Surrounding Area

Power Washing Bench

Power Washing

Every exterior painting project we take on in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley & Dewey begins with power washing. Power washing is an essential step in removing the dust, dirt and efflorescence that accumulates and builds over time. We use only the finest equipment available for this step of the project. Low end power washers do not put out the pressure needed to deep clean areas of the home that need it. This however does not mean that all areas of your home need to be blasted at max pressure. We know how to ensure that the washing step of your project is only beneficial and does not damage any areas of your home.


Exterior Painting Preparation

Preparation is the most important part of any exterior painting project in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley or Dewey. Too many times we see jobs that were "just painted" and the finished result shows the lack of preparation done prior to the painting. We know the paint to be applied is only as good as the surface it's being applied to. We understand this and have implemented company standards for preparation. Wood must be sanded and primed with appropriate primers. All cracks must be filled with high quality sealants and worked into the texture so the final appearance is unnoticeable. Metal surfaces must be sanded and free of rust, cleaned with the correct solvents and primed. The list of industry standard preparation processes goes on and on. You can rest easy knowing that we take the time to ensure all surfaces of your home receive the attention they need.


Exterior Painting Application

Once we have completed our preparation process, it's time to cover everything and begin painting. This is another area we differentiate ourselves from others. We apply only the finest products to your home. Due to our areas 300 plus days of clear blue skies, high elevation, wet summer monsoons and winter freeze and thaw, your home doesn't get a break. We like to think of paint like sunblock. Cheaper paints are like lower SPF sunblocks, they must be applied more frequently to prevent damage. Higher SPF or premium paints last longer and protect better. But at the same time these products must be applied liberally or they do not function as they should. We understand this and apply all coating on your home the way the manufacturer intended. This is always a two coat application process. By doing this we are able to extend the maintenance cycle on your home. Since the labor is the most expensive part of any painting project, preventing frequent maintenance saves you money and keeps your homes surfaces from prematurely breaking down.


Exterior Painting Finalization

After we have completed the painting process, we unmask everything, re-install house lights, downspouts and ensure we leave no trash or debris on your property. We haul off all the trash so we don't overload your trash cans. The next step is something that we are very proud of, we check over our work, it sounds simple but you would be amazed at how many ignore this step. No one is perfect and we all miss things, that why everyone on our crews checks over one another's work. By doing this we are able to catch the little things that could have been missed. After our thorough inspection process we label all the products used and leave you with clearly marked touch up paints. All these processes have been developed for your benefit. We feel that when you hire us, you should be able to relax and simply enjoy knowing your home is being cared for the way it should.

Painting Services Offered

Take a look below at the painting services we offer in
Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey & surrounding areas.


Exterior Stucco Painting


Exterior Siding Painting


Stucco Patching


Drywall Repair


Priming Raw Surfaces




Power Washing


Fence Staining


Deck Staining


Garage Doors


Door Refinishing


Roof Coatings


Metal Gates


Metal Railings


Wood Replacement


And More!


Our house is the gem of the neighborhood. A ton of people have stopped and looked at our house now that the whole exterior has been painted! We just love the colors and we loved how they recommended a third color for the gate and just how wonderful the crew was We are going to have the inside done next! Can't wait

Robin F.

Friendly & professional painters with an eye for color & attention to detail.  DJ & his crew (Daniel & Garrett) did an outstanding job painting the exterior of my house.  Their prep work was meticulous & clean-up was absolutely thorough.  I highly recommend PRONGHORN PAINTING LLC for your painting projects!  Thank you, DJ!​


Great job helping me keep up on the maintenance of my home! They don't just paint, but identify problem areas and take steps to fix them. Thank you for helping me make my home last for many more years!


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